Monday, June 30, 2014

The Digital World: Native or Immigrant?

While Dr. Bogad was explaining what a 'digital native' and 'digital immigrant' were, I couldn't help but try to classify myself. It was difficult to do, as I'm sure a lot of people in my age bracket feel. I always grew up with technology around me, and I distinctly remember family members always exclaiming that I was extremely tech savvy, picking up technology quickly. However, I feel as if older family members had the same outlook that I now have about the younger generation. I know toddlers who owned iPads, and knew how to work them, before I even had my first smart phone. As technology develops and changes, the literacy and ability to use said technology is bound to change as well. So while I "pick up on" technology fairly quickly, modern technology is far from what I grew up with, and sometimes makes me feel out of my element. Somewhere in between a native and an immigrant, I feel as if I fit in with the natives.. until I actually have to fit in. I believe my biggest downfall, which pushes me into the digital immigrant category, would be my use of technology in the classroom. My school lacks some most of the technology the faculty would agree we need, including wifi that works consistently and in all classrooms, however I know there is a great big world full of opportunities for teachers that I haven't dived into as much as I would like. Using technology in the classroom is really meant to benefit my students, and I have a long way to go to feel like a "native" in the eyes of tech savvy educators. During this past school year I started to help students develop their skills through use of online scavenger hunts, research projects, and other mathematics-based lessons because my school faces the very real issue that students need to be technologically ready to take the PARCC, even though many of them don't have access to certain digital means and lack the skills. I look forward to a long career and the ever-changing technology that will inevitably go along with it, as well as learning and developing my techniques along the way to best teach my students. This class a first step in that long road!

Verdict: Digital Immigrant

While technology is captivating, exciting, and unquestionably helpful.. sometimes we all need a little reminder.

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  1. Great blog post Tanna. I love how you framed the question from the viewpoint of an educator.